Update on Scotland’s Census 2021 events – sex question development

Date and location

·         Wednesday 14thAugust - New Register House, Edinburgh

·         Wednesday 14thAugust - West Register House, Edinburgh

·         Friday 16th August– New Register House

·         Friday 16thAugust – West Register House

Many thanks to all who attended these events.

At these events we updated users on the census legislative process, plans for the sex question testing and sought feedback on proposed guidance for the sex, trans status and sexual orientation questions that will be included in the forthcoming testing.

We are pleased to be able to share with you the presentation and the updated guidance based on  participants feedback. Given the timescales we are working to, the guidance that will be included in the testing is now fixed, but if you have any further feedback or comments on the guidance, please do get in touch and we will consider these along with the feedback from testing.